Best Sewing Machines Under $50 – 2015 List

Being a person who hates low quality sewing machines, I couldn’t find a lot of good sewing machines under $50. This is all I have to suggest.

First of all, let me tell you one thing. I am not a great fan of under $50 sewing machines. The main reason being the poor quality that is generally associated with them. I mean, if you are serious with learning the trade, you need a machine that can last couple of years and at the same time have the features to grow your skills. In that perspective, none of the under $50 sewing machines offer the quality and features to make you a better sewer.

Under $50 machines are mostly used by kids for getting their first few sewing lessons. Most models in this category are nothing more than a toy, so you need to be really careful while choosing one. Apart from kids, regular sewers also use mini sewing machines for small mending and sewing tasks. Since most of them are easy to carry, you can take them wherever you go.

I am not giving you a long list of sewing machines here. Normally I do lists like top 10 or top 7 sewing machines, which won’t apply here as I couldn’t find even 5 quality sewing machines under $50. So I will be limiting the list to just 2 sewing machines. These are the best I could find in the price band, especially when you filter the list based on quality. Even then, I really don’t recommend these machines if you are serious about sewing. If that is the case, you can read our list of Best Sewing Machines Under $100. Now let us have a look at the best sewing machines that you can get in US for under $50.

1. Michley LSS-505

If you want to settle for something under $50, Michley LSS-505 is your best bet. Quality and feature wise, there is no other sewing machine to match this little machine (in the price band, of course). It has 8 built-in stitches and two speed settings. It has battery operation as well. You can do both forward and reverse sewing. The build quality is acceptable. The stitch quality is reasonable for a machine of this price. It will be a good machine for basic sewing tasks. Michley LSS-505 is also the most popular machine in the price category, which is a testimony to its quality.

Cons : 3 piece feed dog is weak, which may affect consistent feeding. Threading is difficult at the beginning, it won’t be a problem once you get used to it. But at this price, you can’t ask for more.

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2. Michley LSS-202

This is the second best sewing machine under $50. It is so inexpensive that you can buy it without worrying too much about the investment. This machine even has a top drop-in bobbin, which is very much alien for a machine of this price. There are 2 speed settings. The machine is capable of doing small fixes to your garments.

Cons : Threading is difficult, so keep a close eye on the machine which comes pre-threaded. There is no built-in sewing light.

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This completes my list. You might think I am a Michley fan, but I am not. In fact, if you search in the price band, these are the best you can find.

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