Janome 6500P Vs 6300P – Detailed Comparison

A honest and impartial comparison between two advanced sewing machines from Janome, the Janome 6500P and 6300P. One has better features, but the other is a value for money proposition.

This is the stand off between two finely crafted ‘Memory Craft’ machines from Janome. These two are very popular in the under $1500 price category. There is a decent price gap between Janome 6500P and 6300P, you can even fit in a decent computerized sewing machine from Brother or Singer in that price gap (obviously 6300P is the least expensive of the two). Understandably Janome 6500P comes with more features than 6300P. Let us have a closer look at their features and performance.

Janome 6500P Vs 6300P – Features Comparison

Design wise, both are very different. 6500P has a larger and sophisticated LCD display, whereas 6300P has a lot more simpler one.

Built-in Stitches : This is where the decision is made 9 out of 10 times. Janome 6500P has the upper hand here, with 135 built-in stitches whereas 6300P has only 66 built-in stitches. What this means is that, 6500P will suit those who love to experiment, as there are more stitch options to choose from.

Buttonhole Stitches : Janome 6500P wins here as well. 6500P has 7 one-step buttonhole styles to choose from. Janome 6300P on the other hand has only 4 one-step buttonholes.

These are the only differences in features. The other small difference is in the standard accessories you will get with each machine. With Janome 6500P you will get a rolled hem foot which you won’t get with 6300P. With Janome 6300P you will get a zipper foot which you won’t get with 6500P.

Janome 6500P Vs 6300P – Performance Comparison

Even though Janome 6500P and 6300P differ in features, they are evenly matched in performance. There is very little to choose between them. The stitch quality of both are absolutely high class, to say the least. The users of these two machines always talked about how user friendly they are. You can figure out the controls very easily. I guess 6500P is an inch better in ease of use (it’s just an inch by the way). The large work space of 9″ x 5″ lets you work with large projects with ease. Both are very quiet as well.


Performance wise, both Janome 6500P and 6300P are neck on neck. The next thing to consider is the price and built-in stitches. If you don’t need a lot of built-in stitches, then Janome 6300P is the better option. 6300P is an overall value for money package. Janome 6500P asks premium price for more built-in stitches. In fact, I felt that 6500P is priced slightly high for just the extra built-in stitches. The decision is yours. It is the built-in stitches that makes a difference between these two machines, not the performance and stitch quality.

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