Singer S800 Vs 7258 – Which One To Buy?

A honest and impartial comparison of the features and performance of Singer S800 and 7258. Most of the features are same, but there are some differences as well.

Singer S800 and 7258 are two similarly featured sewing machines. Both are quality sewing machines, which is evident from the feedback you receive from the users. In fact Singer 7258 was an instant hit with home sewers, ever since its launch. It has to be the best Singer machine under $200. S800 is not that bad either, but the price is slightly on the higher side. Since both machines have similar features, you must be wondering why there is a huge price gap between them. Singer S800 is much more expensive than 7258, so let us check what S800 has and what 7258 lacks. Let us see which one offers more value for your hard earned money.

Singer S800 Vs 7258 – Features Comparison

First of all, let me tell you one thing. Both machines are built on the same platform, so all the parts and motor gets shared. If you look closely, you can see that it is just a change in color scheme. S800 comes in a grey color scheme whereas 7258 comes in cyan. That’s the only difference you can pick straightaway. Now let us go through the other areas where these two machines differ.

Drop Feed : The main bummer of Singer 7258 was that it didn’t have an option to drop feed dogs for doing some free-motion sewing. This was pointed out in our review as well. Singer S800 on the other hand comes with this useful feature, which is very important for free-motion works.

Extension Table : S800 comes with an included extension table which is absent in the case of 7258.

Accessories : S800 comes with an included presser feet package of 20, in comparison with the 10 that comes with 7258. The extra feet you get with S800 are

  • Beading foot
  • Cording foot
  • Walking foot
  • Flower stitch attachment
  • Fringe foot
  • Invisible zipper foot
  • Non-Stick foot
  • Open toe foot
  • Piping foot
  • Roller foot

That’s all. Other than the above said differences, both the machines are identical.

Singer S800 Vs 7258 – Performance Comparison

There is no point in comparing the performance as both machines are identical in terms of parts and motors used. One thing I can say is that, these two have excellent stitch quality. Both are user-friendly machines. Performance on multiple layers of denim is very good. There is nothing to worry in terms of performance.


There was a time when Singer S800 cost almost double than Singer 7258. At that time, 7258 provided better value for the money. At the time of writing this post, the price gap has reduced. As per the current price, I think S800 is a good deal. Especially when you account for the price of extension table and extra feet you get with S800 (Never forget the drop feed feature). I did the math and found out that it will cost at least $150 to get the 10 extra feet and extension table that you get with S800. So if the price gap between Singer S800 and 7258 is anything less than $150, I think S800 is the better deal. If the extra feet, drop feed and extension table are something that you don’t use, then Singer 7258 is the way to go.

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