Brother XR1355 Vs HC1850 – Detailed Comparison

Brother XR1355 and HC1850 are two quality sewing machines. They have similar price tag. But there is a surprising thing about them.

Brother XR1355 and HC1850 belong to the same price band. The prices of both machines are more or less similar (there may be some plus and minus according to shopping season). Both are quality sewing machines for sure. However, Brother HC1850 seems to be the most popular among the two (which is mainly down to availability). Since these two machines are so closely matched, let us have a close look and see which machine is really worth for your hard earned money.

Brother XR1355 Vs HC1850 – Features Comparison

Brother XR1355 Vs HC1850Both are computerized sewing machines made for beginners and intermediate sewers. From the outside, they look very similar, except for the color. Brother XR1355 has a cyan kind of color whereas HC1850 comes with a light blue color and dark blue graphics going across. Looks doesn’t really matter for a sewing machine, so let us keep that aside. Now let us focus on the feature differences.

You don’t need to, because there is no difference at all. I hate to say this, but I have to. There is absolutely no difference in features of these two sewing machines. Both are identical. Sewing machine manufacturers do that sometimes. At times they will launch the same machine with different model numbers, after slightly altering the outside appearance. Sometimes one machine may be sold exclusively sold through a particular store and its twin will be available in other stores under a different model number. It is all part of the business.

So in this case, after close examination, I can clearly say that both Brother XR1355 and HC1850 are identical in features.

Brother XR1355 Vs HC1850 – Performance Comparison

There is no real point in comparing their performances as they are identical. However, I would like to point out some general things about the performance of these two machines. Both are extremely user-friendly. Beginners would love the ease of use. Threading is also easy. The stitch quality is very good across different types of fabric. However, the monogramming doesn’t come out perfect on lightweight fabrics, it is okay on heavy fabrics though. Other than that, both are excellent computerized machines.


The decision making is very easy and it comes down to the price. Just choose the less expensive one, as simple as that.

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