Janome JW7522 Review

Janome JW7522 doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does one thing well. It sews great looking stitches. Not all features are ideal for beginners though.

Janome JW7522 Main Features

  • 22 built-in stitches
  • 1-step buttonhole
  • Automatic needle threader

Janome JW7522 Review

Janome JW7522 ReviewSewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : MODERATE

Janome JW7522 is a beginners sewing machine. It is a mechanical sewing machine which belongs to the affordable range of sewing machines from Janome. The machine has a simple design with 3 dials in front of the machine. One is for selecting stitch and the other two for adjusting stitch length and width. It comes with 22 built-in stitches (denoted by the last two digits of the model number), which includes a beginner friendly one-step buttonhole.

Janome JW7522 has a conveniently placed reverse stitch lever. The lever is also of decent size, so older people will find it easy to engage. The bobbin is side loading type, which beginners may not like. There is a built-in automatic needle threader to assist you while threading the needle. You can sew cuffs and collars by converting the machine to free arm. You can also use twin needle for sewing. The built-in carry handle adds to portability. The built-in work light illuminates the needle area quite well.


Janome JW7522 is a very quiet sewing machine. It is quiet even at high sewing speeds. So your sleeping kids won’t have any trouble with it. JW7522 can handle multiple layers of thick fabrics like denim with ease. It’s performance on thick fabrics is commendable (behaves like a typical Janome). The stitch quality on different types of fabrics is very good. The motor is powerful and it can handle any type of fabric (but it is a big no for animal skin). Make sure that you use the right needle. The motor can sew 800 stitches/min. The foot pedal is responsive and you can easily control the sewing speed. The build quality is very good from Janome. The exterior parts are plastic, but the interior is all metal. It is a machine built to last. Janome JW7522 is very stable at high sewing speeds, thanks to the solid construction.


Janome JW7522 lacks a top drop-in bobbin which modern day sewers love to have. Unfortunately JW7522 misses out on that feature. Side loading bobbins are hard to change, as you need to remove the side storage compartment.

Those who love free-motion sewing can skip Janome JW7522. Because there is no option to drop feed dogs.

Presser foot pressure is not adjustable, which might cause trouble while quilting.


  • Good variety of stitches
  • Quiet
  • Excellent on thick fabrics
  • Solid built


  • No top drop-in bobbin
  • No drop feed dog

Is It Worth Buying?

Yes, Janome JW7522 is not a perfect machine. But it does a great job, even with those limitations. The beautiful stitches that it delivers is one thing that makes this machine worth having a look.  In simple words, JW7522 is a reliable and affordable sewing machine. I am giving this machine a ‘moderate’ recommendation level, just for the beginner friendly features that it misses out.

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