Janome 990D Serger Review

Janome 990D is a quality serger, but the presence of another Janome serger makes it look less appealing. Better pricing might do the trick.

Janome 990D Main Features

  • 3/4 thread serger
  • Differential feed
  • Color coded thread guides
  • Retractable upper knife

Janome 990D Serger Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : MODERATE

Janome 990D is an entry level serger. However it is not as popular as the Janome 8002D, which is an excellent serger except for its slightly tricky threading. Anyway, let us concentrate on 990D. It is a 3/4 thread serger. The machine comes with differential feed (Differential feed ratio 0.5 to 2.2). Lay in tension dials and color coded thread guides make threading easy.

One good thing about Janome 990D is that the recommended needles are marked on the machine itself. Switching to rolled hem is effortless, you just need to move the lever to rolled hem mode. The upper knife is retractable. Foot pressure can be adjusted. Presser feet are snap-on type. Stitch length can be adjusted in the range 1-4mm. Cutting width can be adjusted between 3.1mm to 5.1mm. 990D has a powerful motor capable of delivering 1,300 stitches/min.


The build quality of Janome 990D is quite good, something that you normally expect from Janome. The stitch quality is very good and the machine has enough power to go through multiple layers of bulky fabrics.

Is It Worth Buying?

Even though Janome 990D is a quality machine, I still believe Janome 8002D is a better machine than this one. It has been well received by its users and it is less expensive than 990D. Good track record and better pricing makes Janome 8002D a better deal.

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