IMAX LSS-505 Plus Review

IMAX LSS-505 Plus is very different from other mini sewing machines in the market. It has the features and quality of an entry level regular sewing machine. It has its cons as well.

IMAX LSS-505 Plus Main Features

  • 10 built-in stitches
  • 2 sewing speeds
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • Free arm

IMAX LSS-505 Plus Review

IMAX LSS-505 Plus ReviewSewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : HIGH

IMAX LSS-505 Plus is an affordable mini sewing machine. The issue with mini sewing machines is that there are a lot of low quality products out there. If you don’t choose wisely, you might lose your money. Most of them won’t even qualify as a toy. So quality should be a top priority while choosing one. IMAX LSS-505 Plus is affordable but it is not very inexpensive by mini sewing machine standards, so I expect it to have some decent quality. Let’s see whether this machine lives up to our expectations.

IMAX LSS-505 Plus has 10 built-in stitches, which is pretty good for a mini sewing machine. A good looking dial is provided for stitch selection. The machine has two sewing speeds high and low. Low speed will be handy for kids who are just starting out. Another great feature is the sewing work light (not a lot of mini sewing machines have this feature). You can sew in the dark with this machine.

IMAX LSS-505 Plus even comes with free arm option to sew cuffs and collars. It is a great feature because it gives you the full functionality of a regular size sewing machine. A small storage drawer is provided on the back for storing the accessories. Another beginner friendly feature is the drop-in bobbin (it is very useful trust me). I have seen even $100 sewing machines without a drop-in bobbin.


IMAX LSS-505 Plus is a good machine for basic sewing tasks. The size is very compact, it doesn’t use up a lot of space. The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry. A unique thing about this machine is that it has more features than a typical mini sewing machine. This is a great machine for basic mending and repairs. The foot pedal is very responsive and easy to operate. Threading is easy and it is similar to other machines. The option to adjust the tension is a real boon. The machine is ideal for any type of medium-lightweight fabrics. The stitches are clean and consistent. You can’t expect more from a mini sewing machine of this price. It works well with denim too, but multiple layers are not really recommended. It works in AC power.


The sewing light is not that bright. You will have to rely on exterior lighting.

The motor doesn’t have enough fire power to handle multiple layers of thick fabrics.

The lightweight makes the machine a little unstable at high speeds.


  • Easy to use
  • Quality stitches
  • Variety of features
  • Compact
  • Affordable


  • Not good on thick fabrics
  • Unstable at high speeds

Is It Worth Buying?

IMAX LSS-505 Plus will be an ideal choice for your kid. It will get you started with the basic lessons of sewing. It has enough features for your kid to grow her skills. Also if you are an adult looking for a compact machine for basic mending and stuffs, you can choose this one. It is a complete package with quality, ease of use and affordability.

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