LemonBest Mini Sewing Machine Review

LemonBest mini sewing machine is very inexpensive. It has decent features, but they don’t really convert to performance. There is a big room for improvement.

LemonBest Mini Sewing Machine Main Features

  • Portable
  • Two sewing speeds
  • Battery and AC operation

LemonBest Mini Sewing Machine Review

LemonBest Mini Sewing Machine ReviewSewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

The machine we are going to review is a mini, portable sewing machine. First of all, let me tell you one thing, don’t expect regular sewing machine like stitch quality from these kind of machines. Keep your expectations low and approach the machine. LemonBest mini sewing machine can be operated with batteries (4AA) and AC/DC current. Keep in mind that neither batteries nor the AC adapter come included.  Like all mini sewing machines, there are two stitching speeds, high and low. LemonBest mini sewing machine weighs under 1 pound, so you know the kind of portability you are getting. The package also includes a metal bobbin and needle threader.


LemonBest mini sewing machine comes with a pre-threaded bobbin. The machine also comes with a scrap piece of cloth for testing. The machine is decent (at best) for basic mending and repairs. Larger projects are not recommended because the machine is so light that it will dance around the table. The quality of stitches are not up to the mark. The build quality is okay at best. You can’t expect more from a machine of this price either.

Is It Worth Buying?

You get what you pay for. Michley LSS-202 is an alternative you can consider.

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