Singer EM200 Superb Review

Singer EM200 can impress you in many ways. It is a big improvement over old Singer embroidery machines. But at the same time, it misses out on few features.

Singer EM200 Main Features

  • 200 built-in embroidery designs
  • 6 Alphabets
  • 10.25″ x 6″ embroidery area
  • USB compatibility

Singer EM200 Review

Singer EM200 ReviewSewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : MODERATE

Singer EM200 is a new kid in the block. It came to the scene in late 2015. It is an embroidery only machine. This machine looks fantastic, I have to say that. It is the most beautiful embroidery machine I have seen in the recent past. The curvaceous design looks even better than Singer 160 Anniversary Edition machine. However, looks doesn’t really matter for an embroidery machine, it is the way how it sews matter the most. Now, let us have a closer look at the machine.

Singer EM200 comes with 200 built-in embroidery designs and 6 alphabets for monogramming. The maximum embroidery area is 10.25″ x 6″, which is more than enough to accommodate large projects. The machine comes with 2 hoops, large 10.25″ x 6″ hoop and small 4″ x 4″ hoop. This gives you a lot of flexibility while working on different projects. Design selection and settings are all adjusted on the large LCD touch screen. EM200 has the best LCD user interface, it is so very easy to use (you expect that from a new model). The backlit screen makes it easy to read.

Singer EM200 has an USB port, which means you can transfer designs from the computer to the machine in a snap. The best thing about this machine is the work space on offer. The work space measures to 7 7/8 inches which gives ample room for large projects. Another great thing about this machine is how fast it can sew. The 700 stitches/min motor is a gem, especially when you compare it with 650 stitches/min motor of Brother PE770 which is the main competitor of EM200.

The automatic needle threader saves a lot of time. Singer EM200 is also equipped with an automatic thread cutter which cuts the top and bobbin thread with the touch of a button. Tension is automatically set for consistency. You can wind the bobbin even while embroidering. 3 LED bulbs illuminate the work space quite well. The sewing start/stop button lets you sew without the foot pedal. EM200’s upper thread sensor will warn you, if you are running out of thread. EM200’s software can be upgraded when available. The machine comes with 25 year limited warranty.


Singer EM200 is easy on your eyes and it is easy to work with as well. The large work space is a real boon. The stitch quality is good across different types of fabric. Importing designs work seamlessly. The build quality is good. However I can’t really comment on the durability factor as the machine has just come out.

As far as importing designs are concerned, Singer has done a smart thing by enabling the USB plug n play function. This was not the case with older Singer embroidery machines like the Singer XL-400. You had to connect your computer to the machine for it to work, there was no independent existence. The machine won’t work without a computer, as it doesn’t feature an LCD screen. Your computer acted as the screen for editing and customization. EM200 on the other hand has independent existence. If you want to import designs, you just copy it to the USB stick and transfer it to the machine. It is a big improvement, trust me.


The machine doesn’t come with advanced editing software like Auto Punch. The included USB stick has some 2800 designs though.

File compatibility can be an issue, as it reads only “DST” and “XXX” formats. Yes no “PES” files here.

Like all Singer embroidery machines, EM200’s downloadable software won’t work with Mac computers. It will only work with Windows computers. Singer! Fix it!.

Singer EM200 doesn’t have multihooping ability. Even older XL-400 has this functionality.

The machine is slightly on the louder side I guess.


  • Feature packed
  • Large work space
  • Easy USB file transfer
  • User friendly interface
  • Fast sewing


  • Doesn’t support a lot of file formats
  • No multihooping
  • Slightly loud

Is It Worth Buying?

Overall, I am very much satisfied with what Singer EM200 brings to the table. It has all the features required by an average sewer. The features that it misses are something that you can live with. As of now, I will give this machine a ‘Moderate’ recommendation level. I will change it once I get to test its durability. By durability I mean the ability to run long working hours with the same consistency in stitch quality.

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