Tips For Choosing The Best Kids Sewing Machine

When looking for the best kids sewing machine, most people will invariably veer towards choosing the cheapest machine that they find. Sadly, this could be a big mistake. Buying a cheap toy machine is in fact, one of the surest ways to kill any kid’s interest in sewing.  Cheap machines are flimsy, fiddly and unreliable.  Instead of giving a kid many happy hours of creative fun, they are more likely be the cause of a lot of tears and frustration, which will eventually give way to a total disinterest in sewing altogether.

If your kid loves to spend time creating things and shows more than a passing interest in sewing, a proper sewing machine will nurture and support this creative interest, rather than discourage it. Fortunately, you can find several pretty good quality, durable and easy to use sewing machine models for around $100.

So what do you look for when searching for the best sewing machine for kids? Here are a few tips and suggestions.

Look for Sturdiness, Simplicity & Ease of Use

The best childs sewing machine is one that is sturdy, simple and easy to use. The simpler the machine is to use, the better the chances are that your kid will look forward to using it. Too many fiddly options can be frustrating and instant turn off. Children tend to be more impatient. They want to see the product of their labor as soon as possible, with the least fuss possible.

The best kids sewing machine will have these features:

  • Sturdy body
  • Easy to thread needle
  • A bobbin that is simple to wind and install
  • Snap on pressure foot with seam guides
  • Fewer built-in stitches – preferably less than 10 stitches
  • Variety of stitches including straight , zigzag and knit
  • Reverse stitch
  • Easy to use foot pedal
  • Dials for adjusting pressure and tension

Don’t Get Tempted!

Even if your kid is super creative and shows great potential, don’t get carried away and bring home a top of the line model with hundreds of built in stitches and other complex features. However talented a kid may be, the learning curve for sewing is fairly long. It is far better to let your kid master a more basic model and be able to sew independently and confidently. If your kid is still passionate about sewing after a few years, you can always upgrade.

The best  kids sewing machine will typically be in the region of $100-$200. stocks several basic models from various brands, which are great for kids and for beginners. These two models are the most popular:

Singer 1507 8-Stitch Sewing Machine

This easy to use, 7-stitch machine with simple threading and bobbin winding, works well for simple sewing projects such as basic mending and sewing. It has snap on presser feet, 3 needle positions, free arm and adjustable stitch length and pressure. At just about $100, this is a fantastic starter model for kids. Read our full Singer 1507 review.

Janome Jem Gold 660 Sewing Machine

Closer to $200, the Janome Jem Gold 660 is a little more versatile. This lightweight sewing machine has 8 built in stitches including two stretch stitches, a dial for selecting the desired sewing stitch, built-in automatic needle threader and a free am for sewing cuffs and pants. Click here for our Janome Jem Gold 660 review.

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