What Is The Best Kid’s Sewing Machine?

If your kid is always hanging around you whenever you are at the sewing machine, chances are you’ve considered buying a kids machine and have often wondered what is the best kid’s sewing machine.

Should you buy one of those toy machines that cost about $70 or should you go all out and buy a $400 machine that has computerized embroidery, sewing and quilting capabilities?

Actually, neither. Cheap, toy sewing machines tend to break more easily and often produce uneven stitches and are more likely than not to put off that spark of creativity that you see in your kid. On the other hand, a sewing machine that is too complex to operate can be frustrating and fiddly and just as much of a creativity dampener as the toy machines.

The best way to go about looking for the best kids sewing machine is to take a look at the basic models from the reputed sewing machines companies.  If you already own a sewing machine that you are happy with, you could perhaps consider a basic model from the same company.

Characteristics To Consider in a Kid’s Sewing Machine

What are the characteristics that the best kids sewing machine should have? Two of the key features of a kid’s sewing machine are simplicity and ease of use. A machine that has kid friendly features and is easy to use will allow a kid to enjoy their sewing adventure instead of spending ‘boring’ time figuring out how to do what with the machine. A machine that has an easy to threadle needle and an easy to wind bobbin will help a kid get right on with their sewing project without any fuss and bother. A snap on pressure foot with seam guides will make it easier to sew straight stitches.

While you do not want to get a sewing machine with a zillion features, little things like zigzag and knit stitches allow for more versatility and help kids explore their creativity, all of which makes the sewing journey so much more exciting.

At Amazon.com, you will find several basic models in the price range of about $100- $200 from reputed sewing machine manufacturers such as Singer, Brother and Janome.  Affordable and easy to use, these two models are easily the best kid’s sewing machines that you can buy for your child.

Singer 1507 8-Stitch Sewing Machine

This easy to use, 7-stitch machine with simple threading and bobbin winding, works well for simple sewing projects such as basic mending and sewing. It has snap on presser feet, 3 needle positions, free arm and adjustable stitch length and pressure. At just about $100, this is a fantastic starter model for kids. Read the full Singer 1507 sewing machine review.

Janome Jem Gold 660 Sewing Machine

Closer to $200, the Janome Jem Gold 660 is a little more versatile. This lightweight sewing machine has 8 built in stitches including two stretch stitches, a dial for selecting the desired sewing stitch, built-in automatic needle threader and a free am for sewing cuffs and pants. Click here for the full review.

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