Brother CE 5000 PRW Review

Coming from the Project Runway family, the Brother Brother CE-5000PRW – 50 Stitch Sewing Machine is a little bulky but not as that of CE4000. What makes it resemble heavily to its predecessor is its design and fading blue color on the head. Aside from that, it is a totally new and professional 50-stich patterned computerized sewing machine. This is the heavy-duty trim of Project Runaway, recommended for denim and other tweed or thick fabric sewing.

Brother CE-5000PRW 50 Stitch Sewing Machine Specifications

  • Built-in 50 styles of stitches including 5 styles of one-step automatic buttonholes
  • With LCD screen and computerized stitch selection
  • Bobbin Quick-Set™ drop-in top feature and fast winding
  • Designed with automatic needle threading system
  • Illuminated work area using super bright LED

Featured with the above specifications, Brother CE-5000PRW – 50 Stitch Sewing Machine is definitely a top caliber sewing partner. Either for business or just for the enthusiasts making their own set of wardrobe, the CE-500 PRW is a must have.

It is one of the clean designs and easy to manage sewing machines of the manufacturer. And it has become better with the fast LCD computerized stitch selection. The work area is also highlighted with LED illumination so it even concentrate to the area where stitching is directed.

The Brother CE-5000PRW 50 Stitch Sewing Machine design is one of the flawless and easy to understand crafts of the manufacturer. It stands professional and working on it will be convenient given the computerized stitch pattern display and controls. Comfort in its compact appearance with super bright illumination is also a positive addition.

Brother CE 5000 PRW at a glance…


  • Fine, professional design
  • Perfect features for the purpose
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Compact


  • No custom design and editing capacities
  • Heavy

When it comes to greater designing capacities and ease in use, Brother CE-5000PRW – 50 Stitch Sewing Machine is top on the list. This Project Runaway limited edition sewing machine is just the right compact aid for the enthusiast or specialty business professionals in clothing industry. With a small space on top of a table or anything flat, one can do all the works without any discomfort.

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