Brother CS6000i Review – Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

The technology advancement is well reflected in the sewing machine industry as well. This Brother sewing machine is a prime example of it. It is versatile and has got everything that you want in quality equipment. You can easily trust this budget computerized sewing machine to serve you for a number of years without compromising over quality.

Several things are absolutely unique with this amazing machine. In every Brother CS6000i review that you find over the web about it, it surely gets rated among the top 10 best sewing machines that are available in the global market. You got to take some time out and read about all the features and amazing value for money this machine will bring for you. It is excellent for both domestic and commercial use and will last for a lifetime.

What features does it have?

A lot of things have been said about the machine. There are a lot of critics who, despite all their efforts find it difficult to point out the shortcomings of the Brother 6000 sewing machine series. It is all because of the reputation of the manufacturer who always comes up with excellent features, options and quality of service to mesmerize both the domestic and commercial users. This feature enriched machine is dapper looking, easy to use, lightweight, portable and packed with a number of uncompromising features. You surely cannot get a better deal than this one and that too at such an affordable price.

The LCD display is its prime feature. Your stitch selection is just a touch button away, which will be adequately shown on the LCD screen as well. The numbered diagram printed on the machine allows you greater convenience and you can use it to get going with your stitching tasks within a matter of seconds.

The automatic needle threader is more of a touch system level, which automatically pushes it through the needle without much of a hassle that you face otherwise. If you are working with fine fabrics and sharper needles, then the super bright work area would be more than just handy for the users. It has absolutely stunning built-in free arms for sewing the cuffs and the sleeves.

Hold your breath, as it has as much as 60 built in stitches, which surely no other machine can offer with the quality it has. Several useful accessories come as a package which are good enough to make it truly productive equipment.

A lot of versatility and quality of features are packed in a compact designed machine. It is lightweight and easily portable. It can easily fit in any tight spots in and around the working area and can be carried easily with you while you are on the move.

How do you set the Brother CS6000i up?

  • Plug in the power cord to the source.
  • Use the button next to the LCD to select your stitch.
  • Touch the side lever to automatically push the thread to the needle.
  • The machine starts and the speed can be adjusted as per your need.

Brother CS6000i What’s not so good?

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks as well and it will be dishonesty from our side if we don’t elaborate on its limitations. It can be annoying for the users to sew layers of thick fabric such as denim as it might not be such a heavy duty machine, despite having the advance users tag. The light source with it is inconvenient which is sometimes dim small and the worst of all very badly placed. The LCD is useful which could have been a lot better, if it had a bright backlight as well. Sometimes, it is difficult to view it, especially when the light in the room is a bit dark.

Is the Brother CS6000i worth it?

It is by all means a cost effective option. You get so many basic and value added features at an unbeatable price. The ease of use, versatility and convenient design further complements the cost effectiveness. It is without a doubt the best sewing machine for advanced sewers who can handle the massive quilt sewing projects as well.

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