Brother LS2125i Review

Brother LS2125i an easy to use Sewing Machine, but is it the best beginners sewing machine?

Beginners stand a great chance of becoming experts with the Brother LS2125i sewing machine. For the person who wants to perform occasional basic home based mending of clothes. Dressmaking & occasional decorating tasks are made enjoyable and easy when you use this machine. The price tag it carries of less than $100 makes it ideal for any starter in the industry.

This machine is electric and is made all the more endearing by the fact that it is highly portable. You can use the handle or just put it in a bag and carry it around. Moreover, the blue strip of light makes it unique and attractive.

What Features does the Brother LS2125i have?

The Brother LS2125i comes with an easy stitch selector dial – unlike some machines when selecting a stitch is a real task, with the Brother LS2125i sewing machine it isn’t. All you need is to adjust this dial and pick the stitch you want.

With 10-built in stitches, it may not sound a lot but it has all the main stitches. An important feature of the machine which makes it stand out from the crowd. Among the stitches to explore in this machine are zigzag satin, shell tack, elastic, straight stitch, and 4-step automatic buttonhole stitches.

Automatic 4-buttonholes – You will be able to use the included foot to sew any buttonhole with ease. You will also be able to use the button fitting foot when you want to sew on each and every button

When sewing, you will enjoy the reverse lever located at the front of the machine. Easy to use when starting of finishing off your stitches and comes in handy when you don’t want your stitches to wander or become loose.

You’ve also got an upper thread tension control dial, this prevents your stitches from looking puckered or loose. By just turning the dial, you can alter the tension of your stitches. The machine is designed such that once you have set the tension right; you won’t have to change it again – at least not with most fabrics.

Being a beginner’s sewing machine, you will find that the Brother LS2125i has cleverly placed the bobbin loading system at the front. This is one of the easiest systems to use, especially for starters. The winding of the bobbin becomes fun when you buy this machine.

All you need to enjoy this feature fully is to set the upper thread in place and then put the bobbin on the winder. Push the bobbin to the right and the whole process of winding will be completed with ease and awe. The loading of the thread has been made extremely easy and plus it has the added feature of stopping automatically when it’s full.

The machine light, as well as the accessories, makes sewing so much fun and easy for a beginner. Brother  has included ample accessories to help you become an accomplished sewer. Included in the accessories package;

  • zigzag, zipper foot, buttonhole
  • Twin needle
  • 4 bobbins,
  • screwdriver,
  • darning plate, another spool pin and 3 packs of needles.

With most of the these accessories fit in the built-in storage compartment, located inside the free arm. It is simply one of the best beginner sewing machines.

How the machine works?

Brother LS2125i What’s Not so Good?

It is one of those machines that require frequent oiling. While this is not a bad thing, the oil does not come with the package when you are buying it.

The pedal tends to only have slow and high speed. There is no option for the medium speeds.

Some customers have issues adjusting some of the settings automatically while stitching is ongoing.

Is the Brother LS2125i Worth it?

Brother LS2125i sewing machine is one of the easiest to use machines in the market. It can even be used by children. It is the perfect machine for home based décor and all light weight fabrics. Compared to a majority of machines in the market, many users find it extremely easy and start to use it right away.

This is a machine that is ideal for anyone who wants a machine that will handle a majority of household fabrics but has a limited budget. Moreover, some critical home mending which might at times demand you spend hundreds of dollars is easily handled by this machine.

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