Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sewing Machine Product Description

Sewing can be a daunting task for beginners, especially when you have no choice but to use overly-complicated and clunky tools machine which only works for experienced sewers. The Brother XL2600I endears itself for both novice and seasoned sewers, packed with helpful tools and user-friendly features such as built-in thread cutter, simple needle threader, auto bobbin winding and drop-in bobbin loading system.

The Brother XL2600I plugs into 110-volt grounded outlets; it includes power cord and uses a foot pedal for better sewing operation and stitching speed. The tension of the thread can be adjusted through the tension control dial for more sewing flexibility. Types of stitches the machine offers are all illustrated on the side of the machine for faster identification, it also includes stitch length and width, while presser foot height and presser foot pressure are all in preset so users can start sewing as soon as he gets on the machine. Armed with 5 accessory presser feet, the machine can be snap on for faster replacement. The machine also includes a light bulb to illuminate the whole working area. Sewing machine accessories are all stashed inside the free-arm, the accessory set includes extra spool pin, three-piece needle pack, a screwdriver, and a darning plate. The user’s manual for the whole machine is available in both English and Spanish.

To cover all the basics of simple and utilitarian sewing, the Brother XL2600I is equipped with 25 built in utility, heirloom and decorative stitches. Machine includes built-in stretch, blind hem and decorative stitches with basic stitch style for garments constructions, embellishment and quilting. Each stitch is outfitted with multiple versatility functions. A one-step, auto-size buttonholder also make way for easier insertion of simple and stylish buttonholes, while the free-arm of the machine allows for bigger space for hemming pants and attaching sleeves more easily.

Price Range: $80.00 – $84.59

Brother XL2600I Features

  • Free-arm machine with 25 built-in stitches, each with multiple stitch functions
  • Drop-in bobbin loading and automatic bobbin winding, easy to use needle threader, thread cutter and 1-step auto-size buttonholder
  • 110 volt sewing machine and operates with foot pedal, includes light bulb to illuminate the sewing space
  • Includes built-in accessories in its free-arm, quick change presser feet, 5-accessory presser feet
  • Portable and handy, weights at16 lbs. and dimensions measure at 12 1/4 inches in length by 7 3/4 inches width by 9 3/5 inches height
  • Product features good for novice and everyday sewing activities
  • User’s manual in English and Spanish, unit is covered with limited 25-year warranty
  • Easy stitch selector, Jam resistant Drop-in top bobbin,


Pros and Cons

Pros: This machine from Brother pretty much offer good value for your money. Rated 4.3 stars out 5, and with standard retail price of $149.99, this product is reasonable for all of its features and functions.

User-friendly, light weight and very portable, really a good starting tool for novice sewers.

The bobbin winding and threading system is straightforward, particularly the threading function, really gives way for faster and smoother sewing.
Neat stitches as stitches don’t come too far.

For garments constructions, stitch includes both the basics and some of the advanced stitches available for all-around sewing machines. Stitch types includes, 1-step automatic size buttonhole, straight stitch, zigzag stitch, blind hem stitch, elastic stitch, both 2 types of stretch blind hem stitch, elastic shell tuck stitch, double action stitch, triple stretch stitch, triple zigzag stretch stitch, stretch overlook stitch, elastic overlook stitch, and two types of arrowhead stitch.

Sewers who are into decorative sewing can also make good use of this machine, as it offers really attractive stitches for decorative projects such as place mats, mug holder, etc. Stitches include triangle stitch, leaf stitch, shell tuck stitch, and two more types of decorative stitches.

For heirloom and quilting stitches, the machine also offers bridging stitch, rampart stitch, feather stitch, legs stitch and tree stitch.

These wonderful looking stitches can really make a simple sewing project more attractive.

Cons: Like most all-around sewing machines out there, this too has some of its weaknesses. The user’s manual is difficult to understand, as parts are laid out poorly. Instructions can be also confusing, as it includes both Spanish translation right after the English instruction, rather than finishing all step by step instruction at the end. This problem however, is not exclusive with this brand and model, as it is a common complaint among any other products.

On the other hand, functions and features of the machine are pretty much obvious, so if you already have some experience using sewing machines, the small problem with the user’s manual may not be a big deal for you.

Brother XL2600I Conclusion

All in all, the Brother XL2600I still got more of advantage and good things to offer, and yes it is a pretty good buy whether you’re a beginner or seasoned sewer.

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