How to Thread a Sewing Machine

The process of threading a sewing machine really depends on the type of machine that you own, but there are general guidelines as to how to thread a sewing machine, which we will discuss today. So, you’ve bought a secondhand sewing machine, or the new one you bought has an instruction manual that’s thicker than your dictionary and you want the process in Laymen’s terms which is easy to understand, correct? Right, let’s get to it then.

Even though I tried making this whole process a bit easier for those of you who aren’t too familiar with electronic sewing machines, know that each digital sewing machine is a bit different so not all steps might be applicable to you. Although, make 100% sure that you’re not missing anything or your sewing project can turn out to be a disaster, and we surely don’t want that!

The Step-by-step guide on How to Thread a Sewing Machine

  1. Your first step is to locate the presser foot and then to ensure that it’s in an upward position. Next you take a spool of thread, and then carefully place this on your spool holder. String this from the holder across the machine’s top-side. It’s recommended that you use at least one thread guide and insert the thread there.
  2. Your next step is to locate the tension mechanism, if you’re not sure where this is located check your basic diagram you should’ve received with your purchase. Take the thread down to this mechanism and slide the thread in between the two small metal plates on the mechanism itself.
  3. The area that lifts and drops when turning the hand wheel is known as your “take up mechanism”.  You will notice a small lever here; place your thread through it. Depending on the machine you have, you’d either have to place the thread through a small hole or simply slide it into the lever.
  4.  The thread should now run down on the left-hand side of the lever. Now thread all thread guides you’ve left out. They should lead downwards toward the thread needle itself.
  5. Now simply thread the needle by holding it with your left hand and slowly turning the thread wheel with your right.

Please note that if you see a thread out of place you’ve likely missed one of the thread guides, so double-check this. So now you know the basics of how to thread a sewing machine and can start putting your skills to good use. Let me just give you a few tips as well that will make the process a bit easier for you.

Before you start; check that your needles are sharp, set up properly and working by testing it on a small piece of unusable cloth. Also ensure that the machine has been cleaned properly to avoid unnecessary stains. Also oil your machine to increase functionality. As you start, go slow to get used to the threading of your machine and lastly, always use good thread for best results.

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