Janome 2212 Review – Reliable Sewing Machine For Beginners

If you are looking for a machine for a commercial or domestic use, the Janome 2212 would be more than just a handy option for you. It has got all the features and ease of use technique which entry level sewers look for. Convenience along with a range of incredible features is par excellence. Everybody takes such machineries as a long term investment and this one is probably worth it. If you take out any single Janome 2212 review, you will find out that the value given by this small sewing machine is absolutely a power horse more so in terms of quality and performance.

Check out the incredible productivity and the value added features of one of the best sewing machines in business for limited use. This guide will help you to make your mind about this spectacular machine with all the information that is important to take such a pivotal decision.

What is so good about the Janome 2212 Sewing machine?

Well, everything seems fine, rather par excellence if the beginners or the intermediate sewers are concerned. Actually, this compact and small size machine is designed adequately with beginners in mind and has all the features which are fairly easy to use.

A lot of people have trouble dealing with the bobbin due to the fine nature of the thing, but this one comes with a front loading bobbin which is very easy to insert and get you going with the sewing task. The Push-Pull bobbin winder system further eases the task and makes it a great and a handy option to use for easy stitching tasks. The Free Arm gives you the easiness to deal with bigger tasks such as sewing the quilts without any hassle.

The speed is exceptional as it can give you 860 stitches per minute. It has a manual tension control which gives you a great freedom to have better control on all sorts of sewing tasks. The snap on presser feet is useful, which you can easily adjust to control the sewing task. The built-in thread cutter allows easy cutting of the thread.

The stitch length is adjustable and you can also have the liberty to get 12 built in stitches pattern, which adds great versatility to the system. The incandescent lamp that comes along on the board allows you to properly see when dealing with finer tasks including sharp needles and fine stitches around the edges of the fabric. A soft cover also comes along the package which makes your system dust free and safe when it is not in use.

Cost effective:

It is a maintenance free system which doesn’t require you to worry much about its performance. It will serve you uncompromisingly for a number of years with no deterioration in quality and performance. You can easily trust it for a number of sewing tasks and the features that you avail in the system are definitely worth the price it comes at.


The system is light weight and sleek designed which makes it absolutely easy for storage. The soft cover that comes along looks after its protection if it is not in use for some days. The portability factor is also there as it comes along with a useful folding carry handle that allows you to carry it anywhere with ease.

How to use it:

  • Plug in the power cable in the power source.
  • Adjust the easy to use bobbin setting.
  • Switch on the ON button.
  • Use the foot presser to get going with any sewing task.

What are some of its limitations?

Nothing is perfect in this world and this incredible, feature enriched system also comes with a share of some limitations and drawbacks. You must make a note of the drawbacks before taking your critical decision. The first and foremost issue with this machine is that it is only for beginners. It cannot be used professionally to handle much complicated tasks such as sewing thick fabric or multiple layers of cloth. Further, there were some complaints reported about the breaking of needle in simpler tasks which for many is still a mystery that remains unresolved.

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