Juki Review

Juki sewing machine is a name that is born out of careful studies to create precision technology. This can be attributed to the company’s many years of experience dating back to as early as 1938. And after many years of research and hands-on experience, you can now enjoy top-of-the-line Juki sewing machines.

If there’s one thing that makes this sewing machine brand above the rest is its unique approach to sewers. Juki offers industrial sewing machine, Surface Mount Technology or SMT systems, household sewing machines and semi-professional/small overlock sewing machine. Each type has specialty and unique features that are tailored-made to assist in your sewing experience.

Industrial sewing machines have overlock-safety stitch, different sewing styles, buttonhole sewing and the capability to sew heavyweight materials like leather. SMT-type has more sophisticated technology that can mount capacitors and resistors. This is the type of machine that you can find in high-tech sewing company.

As for household sewing machines, Juki has embroidery sewing machine and computer controlled sewing machine that is equipped with loads of features like sewing capabilities, buttonholes and other needle works.

Juki sewing machine models include:

  • HZL-F600
  • HZL-F400
  • HZL-27Z
  • HZL-E80
  • HZL-E71
  • HZL-25Z
  • HZL-35Z
  • HZL-E61

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