Mini Sewing Machines

Mini sewing machines are a marvel to behold. We are all used to seeing huge machines and this one comes as small and portable and yet can still do the basic stitches that we need.

The patent for the very first sewing machine came in 1791. This was thanks to Thomas Saint, a British inventor. When 1807 came around, the production for the very first unit happened and it was Josef Madesperger who was behind this. The completed unit was sent out to the public after 7 years. After that time, more and more improvements were done to the machine and more and more manufacturers create such.

One of the improvements that were done on the sewing machine came in the form of size. And thus came the mini sewing machine. Mini sewing machines are hand-held and are very portable. They are very small that you can actually just slip it in your purse or maybe keep it in the pocket of your bag.

These mini sewing machines usually run by battery but there are also those which you can plug to an electric outlet. These are the favorite of those people who are on the go and need to quickly mend a piece of clothing.

Mini sewing machines include:

  • Michley Tivax LSS-202 Portable
  • Kenmore Mini Ultra 3/4 Size with 6 Stitches Plus Buttonhole
  • Mini Sew Wonder
  • Singer Co PixiePlus 4 Stitch Mending Machine
  • Smartek RX-07 Cord-Cordless
  • Mini Sewing Cordless Machine

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