What can you do with a sewing machine?

The first sewing machines could be used for making straight stitches and that’s it. However, today’s models are significantly more advanced. Most modern machines that are produced today are computerized but there are still some manual models available. Both manual and computerized models both have pre-programmed stitches that the sewer can choose from.

Next there is the option to choose the width and length of a stitch before starting to sew. As you turn the dial on your manual machine or select your stitch on the LCD display if you have a computerized machine your chosen stitch is activated and you are ready to go. Today’s crafters can use sewing machines for everything from making blankets to quilting to embroidering and closing button holes. The sky is truly the limit if you know what you are doing.

For beginners, the best thing to do when using a sewing machine is choose a pattern. Companies such as Simplicity, New Look and McCallshave been manufacturing sewing patterns for decades and between them there are thousands of different projects you can choose from. You can find patters for accessories, pet supplies, baby clothes, doll outfits, stuffed animals, home décor and even costumes.

Following a pattern makes it easier for a person to see and understand what they are doing, where to sew and of course, what pieces are necessary for the project to be completed. By using a pattern, you can unleash a world of ideas that you never imagined possible. If you are new start with a few simple ones until you get the feel for sewing and then start to challenge yourself with increasingly more difficult patterns as your skills increase.

You can also make some really great crafts with your new sewing machine.Crafts for gifts is one of the most common reasons that everyday people learn how to sew.

Quilts, pot holders, diaper bags, dresses and pajamas are just a few of the most common projects that are made for gifts. Through a quick search at your local craft store pattern catalog or browsing online you can find thousands of different patterns to fit different projects. Anything that is sewn can be sewn by you with a sewing machine.

Repairing or patching damage clothing is another great benefit of having your own sewing machine. You can fix hems that have come loose,patch holes in the knees of your active child’s pants as well as make alterations to purchased clothes so you get a perfect fit no matter what your size. Making and altering you own clothes can actually save you a lot of money and you will have your sewing machine payed of in no time.

Teaching your son or daughter to sew can also be a great bonding experience and provide your child with confidence and problem solving skills that will prove invaluable in latter life. A basic,easy to use machine and simple patterns are the best choice to introduce your child to this new art. Its a great way to pull your child away from the TV or computer which seems to be how most young one spend most of their free time these days. So if you are considering getting into sewing there are many directions you can go but the important part is starting your first project and increasing your skills as you gain more experience.

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