Brother ES2000 77 Stitch review

The Brother ES2000 77 Stitch function computerized free arm sewing machines has many advanced features.  The machine offers a full LED control screen, where you can select different stitches, stitch lengths, stitch widths, and forward or reverse stitch.  You can also adjust the tension from the controls.  The sewing machine is operated via an foot pedal.

With the Brother ES2000 computerized sewing machine, you can do decorative stitching as well as the most common stitches.  With 77 different stitching patterns, you should be able to do everything you need to do with this sewing machine.  You can even do twin needle stitching with the Brother ES2000.  Another nice feature of the ES2000 computerized sewing machine is the one step button sewer.

This makes it easy to sew buttons onto your garments.  No more sewing buttons by hand.  The bobbin holder is the quick drop model so, you can change or replace bobbins with ease.  The Brother ES2000 sewing machine is very functional and easy to use for most beginner to intermediate sewing enthusiasts.

Brother ES2000 reviews show that most people feel that the sewing machine is very easy to use.  Reviewers feel that the Brother ES2000 offers all of the functionality required for most uses in sewing.  It is noted that this model does not offer some of the more advanced features available in more expensive sewing machines.  However, most sewing requires some basic stitches and the Brother ES2000 sewing machine offers 77 stitches, which is a lot.

Another reviewer commented that the Brother ES2000 has many features that you would pay thousands of dollars for.  The commenter mentioned that the sewing machine comes with everything that you need to go to work.  You don’t have to go out and buy extra parts or upgrades for this model.  The owners manual is very complete and written very well.  The manual will help you to get up and going with the machine in no time.

Although, the simplicity of the control panel will probably allow you to start sewing without review of the owner’s manual.  The Brother ES2000 does everything that is required in a home sewing machine.  Most reviewers are very happy with this sewing machine and highly recommend the machine to most beginners and intermediates.  You won’t be sorry for buying the Brother ES2000 sewing machine.

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