Brother Sewing Machine XL2230

The Brother Sewing Machine XL2230 features 31 different stitch functions.  You’ll be able to do all the stitches required for any sewing project including straight or zigzag stitches.  This machine is perfect for satin, blind hem, or elastic stitches.  If you are looking for button hole functionality, then the Brother XL2230 will be able to provide you with an automatic four step buttonhole process.  The buttonholes are made extremely fast and the machine features an exact hole placement process.

The Brother XL2230 sewing machine also has some easy of use features.  For example, the machine has a drop-in bobbin feature to make for faster spooling and to help your sewing project get off the ground much faster.  The machine itself is very lightweight and is designed for portability.

You can easily move the Brother XL2230 from location to location without a problem.  Also, if you like a certain kind of presser feet, the Brother’s snap on system will let you switch out the presser feet very quickly and easily.  This compact sewing machine will fit all of your basic sewing needs.

Brother XL2230 reviews show that users believe that the sewing machine is a good basic machine.  Basically, if you are starting out or you need a machine that can perform basic sewing functions, then this is a good machine to chose.  The Brother XL2230 is very easy to use and simple to use from the start.

The machine doesn’t make the sewing table vibrate and doesn’t tangle up stitching patterns like some other models of sewing machines.  A lot of this can be attributed to the drop in bobbin system, which makes the threading easy and done propperly.

The Brother XL2230 sewing machine is good for beginners because it comes with a lot of basic accessories that you need to get started.  Some plastic bobbins, extra needles, spool pins, etc.  It’s a good package to get going and enjoy the hobby of sewing.

The machine is very durable and seems very solid so, it can take some bumps and bruises when transporting the machine.  The lightweight feature of this machine makes it easy to transport from one location to another.  It’s good if you like to sew in your bedroom or the kitchen table.  When you are done, you can just pack up the sewing machine and set it aside.

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  • I’m have a issue with the bottom of my bottom where the bobbin goes it keeps coming up I fixed but it’s still having a issue can any one help please?


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