Singer 7742 sewing machine

The Singer 7742 sewing machine is an electronic machine with tons of stitches and different features.  The machine has 30 stitches available and has easy to use push button controls.  It’s really easy to adjust the stitching length and width with the control panel.  You can even use a reverse stitch when necessary.  The Singer 7742 is also capable of sewing buttons.  It has a one step process where it creates button holes, which makes button sewing so much easier.

The Singer 7742 mechanical sewing machine offers a nice LED light so that you can see what you are sewing.  It also features a needle threader and easy to attach feet.  With the stitching features offered in the Singer 7742, you can do most quilting features and even decorative stitching.  There is even a way to do simple zipper installation.

This makes the Singer 7742 a very diverse machine with a lot of value.  There is a special foot used when sewing satin or slippery fabrics so that they don’t slide around or bunch up while sewing.  This makes the Singer 7742 sewing machine easy to use for beginners.

Singer 7442 reviews indicate that the sewing machine is pretty easy to operate.  A lot of users commented that it was easy to move from their old sewing machines to their new Singer 7442.  In other words, it’s not hard to figure out.  Reviewers put the sewing machine to the test with multiple fabrics and using multiple stitches and the machine has seemed to work well for most.

Commenters seem to really like the free arm and button hole sewing function.  Most people don’t enjoy sewing buttons by hand so, the button hole feature of the Singer 7442 sewing machine is great.  It has been noted that the manual is very easy to read and helpful in using the machine.  The manual information is also available on the internet and provides information such as how to do a blind hem stitch.

These techniques documented in the manual are an additional help to the user.  They are especially helpful to sewing beginners.  Remember, that most beginners have never used a sewing machine so, the fact that this information is readily available is a huge plus.  The Singer 7442 is highly recommended for beginner to intermediate sewing enthusiasts.  It’s a machine that lets you do it all for a fraction of the price as compared to the competition.

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