Singer CE-150 Futura Sewing Machine

The Singer CE-150 Futura sewing machine has 24 built in stitches that work well for both sewing and embroidery.  It also features the ability to create button holes in one step.  With the Singer CE 150 there are two different types of button holes that you can select from.

The sewing machine has maximum control and efficiency while sewing by using it’s electronic stitch control feature.  You can select from 120 different embroidery designs.  Within those designs you can choose from 5 different fonts and 2 hoops.  The Windows software is run on your computer and the sewing machine is connected via USB cable to transfer your designs.

The Singer Futura CE 150 Sewing and Embroidery machine is an electronic machine that has a computer system that ensures exact precision in sewing functions.  The machine is fully adjustable and programmable so that you have ultimate control in your sewing designs.

For example, there is a one-touch stitch selector button that will allow you to change stitching patterns on the fly.  For ease of use, there is an automatic needle threader and drop-in bobbin feature.  You will have ultimate control in your sewing with the machines ability to hold just the right amount of tension on the thread to give you control.

Singer Futura CE 150 reviews show that users are very happy with the professional results given by the performance of this sewing machine.  The machine is set-up and ready to go, it’s easy to start sewing with the machine right away.  You’ll literally have results in minutes.  The threading is easy and the machine gives you a lot of control when sewing.

It’s important to know that if you want to use the design features and embroidery part of the machine that you do need a computer.  The computer software is very easy to use and you can literally download your patterns and designs with ease in minutes.

What’s really nice about the Singer Futura CE 150 sewing machine is that it has two different hoop sizes, which is very helpful.  A lot of machines in this price range or higher only come with one hoop size.  That makes the Singer CE150 that much more functional as compared to more expensive machines.  The built in 24 stitching patterns are more than enough to get any sewing or embroidery project finished with professional results.

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