Singer Confidence 7470 sewing machine

The Singer Confidence 7470 has a lot of advanced technology, but is still very user friendly by design.  The Singer 7470 sewing machine is appreciated on all levels of sewing from the expert to the beginner.  It features a built in threader so, you don’t have to waste your time trying to get the thread through the needle.  The threading system uses the drop and sew bobbin system.  The Singer 7470 Confidence offers 173 stiches and six different button holes.

The sewing machine offers 13 needle positions that can be selected from the simple push button control panel.  There are added sewing features such as a continuous sewing option and an automatic tension option.  The Singer 7470 computerized sewing machine has the capability of storing patterns.

The machine can remember as many as 20 different characters.  A really cool feature of this sewing machine is that it has it’s own LED to light up your sewing and work area.    There are also a ton of accessories that come with this sewing machine so, your sewing potential is limitless.

Reviewers love the auto tension features of the Singer 7470.  A lot of commenters have said that after experiencing the ease of the drop in bobbin, they will never go back to traditional sewing machine threading systems.  The needle options are easy to select, but it has been recommended that the user read the owner’s manual to learn how to use the twin needle properly.

This is a great sewing machine for beginners.  It is easy to set-up and learn how to use.  A reviewer noted that the Singer Confidence does not jump up and down on the table like other sewing machines that she had tried.  The action of the Singer 7470 Confidence is absolutely smooth and not to loud during operation.

The machine is a bit heavy to carry around so, this would not be a good option for a portable sewing machine.  However, this sewing machine operates well in every form so, at this price point the weight is not an issue.  The Singer 7470 is affordable, yet offers a lot of the advanced features that are only offered on more expensive machines.

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