Singer Futura CE-250 sewing machine

What’s really neat about the Singer Futura CE-250 is that it works well for both sewing and embroidery.  With this machine there are a hundred different stitching options.  It also has many advanced features such as ability to pre-program button holes and stitch settings.  This machine is incredibly fast and efficient.  This Singer Futura sewing machine boasts a 600 stitches per minute sewing rate.  That is phenomenally fast!

The Singer Futura 250 is loaded with extra features.  It has an automatic needle threader, which will save you countless hours and not have to paw through the owners manual.  The Singer Futura machine also offers drop feed, a bobbin that drops in from the top, and a twin needle control.  The machine allows for 13 needle positions to be chosen.

What’s really amazing is that this machine can be hooked up to your PC.  When you do this, the Futura sewing machine turns into the Singer Futura embroidery machine.  You simply download the software to your computer, hook up the sewing machine via USB, and layout your designs.  It’s pretty much plug and play.

The Singer Futura gives you the best of both worlds in sewing and embroidery.  It is an easy to use sewing machine with an incredibly advanced user interface.  Your sewing abilities will not be limited by this machine.

Reviewers commented that the Singer Futura was a great price, because it is an affordable way to do both sewing and embroidery.  The sewing machine works very well out of the box with no to little adjustments.  A lot of the reviewers who bought the Futura CE-250 are serious hobbyists and some are looking to move into professional embroidery.

One of the reviewers bought the CE 250 as their first sewing machine.   They felt that the machine was a “breeze” to figure out and learn to use.  The commenter said that they were able to use the machine very comfortably after just a few days of practice.  The users of the Singer Futura CE-250 sewing machine are just thrilled with it’s performance.   They feel that the machine has great action and has improved their abilities to sew and embroider.  The Singer Futura CE-250 has been recommended for the beginner, novice, and professional sewer and embroiderer

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