Why to choose Bernina Sewing Machine

For more than a century, Bernina Sewing Machine has been a household name in the world of stitching and embroidery. The company was born in 1893 in Switzerland, and ever since then it has been a leading innovator in its core field of producing world class embroidery and sewing systems. Bernina sewing performs a lot more than just sewing, and does over-locking, quilting and embroideries with equal efficiency and class.

In recent years the company has come up with its latest top-end models such as Bernina 820 and 830 that have raised the bar for such machinery in the market to new levels. Bernina Sewing Machines are a product of the passion of its founder Karl F. Gegauf, and four generations down the line, the same passion can be seen in the company even today. The time-tested tradition of superlative quality and design innovation continues to be upheld by the current generation of owners, even as they continue to manage the business as a family run enterprise.

Every Bernina embroidery machine is built to last for a lifetime. Each piece is produced individually, using the best available raw materials. The company’s design department is constantly looking for inspirations to take their creativity to greater heights, which shows in its newest range of products that are marvels of technology. In 2008, the company introduced the world’s most advanced Bernina embroidery machines under the model Bernina 830. This amazing product is able to perform 1100 sewing stitches and 1000 embroidery stitches per minute. The needle threader in this machine is fully automatic, and the machine comes with a 7 inch LCD screen.

Bernina serger offers a wide range of models, and some of the most popular ones are sergers for beginners. These include models such as 800DL, 700D, 009DCC, 700D, or the higher end models like 1300DC which are more suited for advanced sewers. If you are looking for a less costly, basic model, you may consider the Bernina 009DCC. This one includes just two stitches, out of which one is a chain stitch, and the other cover stitch. Both stitches are commonly used in the garment industry for making clothes. They can also be used for making home furnishings.

Bernina’s customers are also those who have a passion for creativity and who can appreciate superior quality over all other considerations. That is the strength of the company which has made it survive and thrive for over a hundred years in this timeless business of stitching and embroidery.

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