Why to choose Elna Sewing Machine

Elna sewing machines are popular in many countries around the world. Few sewing machines are of the caliber and distinction of the Elna sewing machine. This is because Elna International understands that consumers need innovative design, quality craftsmanship, and a variety of models to choose from, in order to feel their needs have been satisfied.

Part of the success of the company is due to the fact that they are firm believers in sewing as a fun and enjoyable activity. Naturally, a project that is easy is more gratifying and pleasurable than a more difficult endeavor. This is why innovation is one of their main objectives. Elna has achieved notoriety throughout the years as being a leader in creative design. Being the first to produce lightweight machines, automatic needle threaders, and interchangeable cams and cartridges, propelled Elna to the popularity they are now experiencing all around the world.

As many consumers know, Elna sewing products are not limited to one type of machine. Elna embroidery machines are also a favorite of customers everywhere, and they are manufactured with the same care and quality, as are the sewing machines. The Elna embroidery machine offers unparalleled sewing functions such as 347 built-in stitches, ten alphabets, and 170 embroidery designs.

Other attractive features of Elna sewing or embroidery machines include adjustable foot pressure, manual thread tension control, strong needle penetration for any fabric, and of course, the Elna serger will efficiently trim and enclose any seam. Elna models also offer the stylish attribute of quilting, embroidering, and sewing abilities contained in one unit.

Embroidery software such as Customizer EX, and Xpressive II provide state of the art technology combined with creative ingenuity to satisfy a wide variety of customers. Specialty models such as the Cover Hem machine or the Computerized Quilting machine are rapidly gaining popularity across the globe. Considering the quality of stitch and uniqueness of design, one would have to look hard to find serious competition for these machines.

Since 1940, Elna has delighted customers around the world and will continue to do so as time goes on. They are committed to longevity as a leader in the industry, and customers can be sure the machine they need with the features they desire will be continually available from Elna. Consumers are also assured of exemplary customer service and assistance. For excellence in sewing, quilting, or embroidery, one need look no further than Elna International.

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