Best Sewing Machine Reviews and Sewing Machine Ratings

I still remember seeing the very first sewing machine. It was my mother’s and she was on it, sewing, hemming and repairing, most of the time. It was fun to see her finished projects. She would sew, repair and hem cute shirts, frocks, long dresses, pjs. As she would stitch, we would sit around the sewing machine, chatting away. So many of our childhood memories and plans were made around that antique sewing machine.

My mother was quite thrilled when I told her that I would like to try to stitch and maybe take up crafting as hobby. She gave me so much guidance in deciding my first sewing machine. As I dedicated more time to crafting and sewing, I researched for more advanced models. So far, I am not disappointed with my sewing machine choices.

Here, at Sewing Machine Reviews, I have tried to compile a list of best and top rated sewing machines based on price, brands and real time experience.

How to Choose the Best Sewing Machine

List Your Budget. If you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert at sewing, you probably know that choosing the right sewing machine is the most important step to becoming an accomplished sewer. A good sewing machine costs anything between $80 – $5000, depending on how many accessories are included with the purchase.
What are Your Requirements. Sewing machines at the higher end are electronic computerized machines with embroidery options, which may be reasonable for a crafter, but not required for basic sewing requirements. Make sure to list all the requirements for your sewing and crafting projects and search for the highest quality available at a reasonable price.
Best Sewing Machine Deals. If you plan on using this sewing machine as a long term investment, do a thorough research before purchasing your machine. If you can find a used or trade in model at reduced price, you can strike a good deal. It is also possible to negotiate on the used models. Used or trade ins can prove to be good for smaller projects like sewing t-shirts, nightshirts, little quilts, mattresses for babies. These can also be used for seat or bed covers.
Forums and Discussions. Participate in the seamstress online forum discussions, talk to other seamstresses as well as dealers. Try out as many machines as you can. Since it is possible to make an inferior machine look good, try to sew yourself to check the quality. Bring your own threads and fabrics that you plan to use later on.
Accessories Available with Newer Models. Many machine manufacturers now include the accessories when you purchase a new one. So, whenever you are about to purchase the machine, make sure you don’t have to buy each part or accessory separately. Also, many machines have started coming with the plastic parts on their motors, even the ones that claim to be all metal. So, make sure to check for the right motor parts if you have a liking for any particular machine.

Look for some of these must have features in machine.

• A Free Arm (for sewing in sleeves or hemming)
• A Walking Foot (prevents puckering and mismatched stripes)
• A button holer
• Stretch Stitches (for serger utlities)
• Snap on foot
• Variable stitch length

New computerized machines may sound very attractive for the versatility and variety of stitching features, but it is important to understand that like any electronic or computer products, these become outdated quickly. They may also prove to be expensive to repair. If you do not plan on utilizing the fancy stitches and special crafting features, then spending a few extra hundred dollars may not be worth it.

Sergers or Finishing Machines

Let’s not forget about Serger. Serger machines, also called overlocks or merrows, are considered finishing machines. Their function is to cut and finish the edge of the material to give the material a finished look. A serger should not be used to create a whole cloth, but it can be used to as a way to finish it. Most sergers begin at around $150 upto $500.

If you have done enough research on your part, a good sewing machine will pay itself with years of service and that will bring years of satisfaction for time to come.

Where should you Buy Your Sewing Machine?

You can order online via Amazon. Most of the times they have huge sales going on, especially during special occasions like Christmas and New Years.

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