Brother BC2100 sewing machine review

I have gone through the market and found that Brother BC2100 is one of the best rated sewing machines that is really good and affordable. If you are into sewing for pleasure, fashion designing or for whatever reason good sewing machines will help you tremendously in achieving your goals by sewing smarter and not harder.

Well, it has become very difficult nowadays to make a choice on the kind of sewing machine to purchase that meets your need and budget as there are many brands and models to choose from. The following review should be helpful for consumers looking to purchase a quality sewing machine with the aim of trying their hands on dressmaking or home furnishings.

The Brother BC2100 sewing machine is designed for beginners as well as veterans. It is very easy to use with an excellent control and it is featured with a free arm facility to help with sewing difficult and complicated areas like sleeves and trouser leg. It is also furnished with automatic buttonhole function, utility stitches and decorative stitches for added details on garments.

Brother BC2100 features:

Computerised                                                                            40 Stitch selections
Rotary top loading bobbin                                                       Preset and variable stitch length
Preset and variable stitch width                                             Needle up / down control
1 Step auto sizing buttonhole                                                 5 Buttonhole styles
Built in needle threader                                                           6 Piece feed dog
Drop feed facility                                                                       Stretch stitches
Satin stitches                                                                              Free arm storage compartment
Dual lamps                                                                                 LCD display
Weight 6kg approx

Unlike its competitors, Brother has delivered great results that resulted in many recommendations for brother bc2100 sewing machine and some of the reasons are because of its easy to read LCD screen, a dual LED lighting system, full instructions and instructional DVD included.

“I bought this machine well over a year ago, and still today it’s running perfectly. It’s seen me through my first year of Fashion School with no problems at all. I can’t speak highly enough of it’s quality and reliability. I paid just over £300 for mine, but it’s worth so much more. I’m yet to find a flaw.” By Pop247

Brother BC2100 accessories:

Zig Zag foot                                                                                Buttonhole foot
Zipper foot                                                                                 Overcasting foot
Monograming foot                                                                   Blind stitch foot
Button sewing foot                                                                   Seam ripper
4 Bobbins                                                                                   Needle set
Twin needle                                                                               Screwdriver
Extra spool pin                                                                          Lint brush
Soft Cover                                                                                  Operational Manual
Foot Control

Just because of the many features such as automatic needle threader, 5 styles of 1-step automatic buttonholing and its superb lightweight that makes it very easy, fun to use and beginner friendly, brother bc2100 outshines its competitors and make it a star buy.

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