Sewing Supplies

Along with a good sewing machine, sewing supplies are essential for the completion of any project. Without the right supplies, there is every chance of damaging the fabric and even the machine. In addition to choosing sewing supplies with respect to the machine, the fabric that is being worked on must also be carefully considered. There is no end to the combinations possible so here we aim to look at the most important sewing supplies and the right way to go about them before you begin stitching.

The first aspect is the fabric. You may work with any type you please but just look at your machine’s handbook before starting to ensure that they are compatible. If you use the wrong type of fabric, there is a chance that either or both of them can be damaged beyond repair. Moreover, use only the amount you will need to reduce the stress on your machine.

Sewing supplies extend to needles and bobbins. The needles vary in thickness and strength. For a light linen or satin type of fabric, thin needles will do the job as a large stitch can damage the fabric and tear it at the seam. For the bobbins, the thread determines the type and size. Most bobbins can be used in the sewing machines but be sure to check if they can be wound by the machine without any effort from your part.

The thread to be used is probably the most important of the sewing supplies after the machine and the fabric. It determines the strength of the stitching and for embroidery and design, the aesthetics as well. However, you should take care of the fabric being used under the thread. Simple cotton thread may not work on denim but at the same time woolen thread, which is rather thick can damage delicate fabric. In addition, be sure that the thread can be fed properly from the machine, which can otherwise be damaged.

Once the basic sewing supplies are decided, you can choose the accessories needed for the machine to do the job. These include the quilting foot, the zipper foot and the like which are available from the manufacturer. It is important to have these to ensure that there is no inconvenience while stitching. For example, it is virtually impossible to stitch a zipper on a free arm of the machine. Moreover, a lot of the accessories come free with the sewing machines so you should have no trouble there.

The importance of sewing supplies cannot be emphasized unless you begin to work with them. Minor supplies like patterns and monograms can be acquired anytime but the essentials should always be there. Furthermore, working without the right supplies can undermine you as a tailor and even damage your creativity as you try and adapt to the mediocre equipment. It is best to consult with an expert or guides on the internet before making a final decision about the type and quantity of stitching supplies that you will be using.

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