Bernina general review

Bernina sewing machines are popular among quilters especially. The company was founded in 1890 in Switzerland. It was an embroidery shop and produced an embroidering machine. In 1932, the first machine named Bernina was put on the market, building a fast reputation for excellent craftsmanship.

The company has maintained its status by consistently producing reliable machines over the years. For the beginner, a good used machine would be ideal to learn on, and Bernina’s quality lends itself to being a trustworthy purchase for even an aged machine. Part of the bonus of buying a new machine is not only the quality but the service of the company. With any machine, the customer is offered a free class and information on how to use that machine, quite a wonderful feature to the crafter who is just beginning. The class can be from beginner to advanced, so for the seasoned quilter it is still a lovely opportunity to expand your knowledge. The company also offers free tips and advice for any Bernina owner, both at the dealer of purchase and on their company website.

Sewing machines, such as the Virtuosa 153 QE, are favored by quilters for their ease of use with large projects. Bernina offers a large selection of models at various prices. One of the higher end models, the Artista 730 E, works beautifully for regular sewing, quilting, and embroidery, all in one quality machine. Over one hundred embroidery designs are included with this model, as well as the capability to upgrade designs through available software.

Bernina offers a wide array of products, from sewing machines to embroidery sticks and the latest in technological designs. Their sergers, sewing, and embroidery machines all have a fine reputation. Quilters love these models for a variety of reasons, not the least being the ease in which these machines allow them to create their own designs and incorporate fine stitching into their quilt work. Many stay loyal to their favored models, and repeatedly return for their next machine, not only for the quality of the product, but because of the care of service.

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