Singer general review

Singers are perhaps the most famous in the world. The first singer sewing machine, in fact the first ever practical sewing machine was invented in 1850 by Isaac Merritt Singer. Singer himself later invented the first treadle, or foot pedal, making sewing even more practical by machine; earlier models worked by hand crank which didn’t allow for the seamstress to properly navigate the stitch and fabric.

That was the company’s very beginning, and its reputation for excellence and innovation has never diminished. Many loyal Singer users learned their first stitches on their Grandmother’s knee. But the company would not have kept such long lasting consumers if they didn’t constantly produce the very best quality machines for every generation.

Antique Machines – the Classic black & gold

Because old singer sewing machines were so well made, it is not difficult to find and refurbish and repair the antique treadle machines that are nearly one hundred years of age and expect that they will work in their original function. Older models and replacement parts are not difficult to find, and are so plentiful that most are not worth much in value, but are often a treasured keepsake of times long past. A piece of American history, many sewing lovers and antique collectors would enjoy such wonderful design and utility.

An antique singer from the early twentieth century, equipped with its original cabinet and each original machine part is both a beautiful collector’s piece and a usable machine. The machine value may not be extremely high, even in the best of condition, but having a piece of history such as this is priceless. You can find the manual for most models online, and they quite accurately explain the workings of the machine as well as how to care for them. Though it’s no longer suggestible to use kerosene for a good cleaning as the early manuals might instruct. It is quite a good history lesson to see exactly how seamstresses regulated the lengths of their stitching and the pressure on the material to produce such wonderful and durable clothing and household linens. Part of the love of these machines is in the awe for the skillful work they produced.

Latest Singer models

Today’s singer is as highly praised as yester year’s machine. The company has kept with the latest technology, bringing about combination machines that are of the best quality and durability; with up to date software and graphics for excellent embroidery options for the seamstress as well as the quilter. The prices of singer machines vary widely by their make and model and the features that each offers, but they are all great quality to last a long time with proper care and maintenance.

Some of today’s features include one step button holing, drop feed, and automatic needle threading. For top of the line models such as the Quantum XL – 6000, there are astounding design features for impeccable embroidery, designed with the best amount of workspace for quilters and still the same fantastic quality stitching to make it a utility household sewing machine. Avid quilters love the Quantum line for the variety of embroidery design as well as the easy usability and the advantage of being able to use your own unique ideas in the process.

Do Singer still make industrial machines ?

While, Singer has discontinued their line of industrial sewing machines, opting instead to concentrate on the domestic machines, their industrial machines can still be found used and refurbished and still deliver great quality speed and accuracy. The company offers the home seamstress, even the professional crafter, all of the best quality machines and accessories to create the most finely made clothing, household goods, and so much more. From the beginning novice, to the seasoned quilter, whether your interest is in fashion or in fine embroidery, Singer still provides durable and long lasting quality.

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