Brother 1034D Vs Brother DZ1234

Nothing separates Brother 1034D and Brother Designio DZ1234 except the price. The price difference doesn’t make any sense at all.

Brother 1034D and Brother Designio DZ1234 are two popular entry-level sergers available in U.S. 1034D has been the best seller for over 4 years and DZ1234 is catching up fast. The thing that makes these two sergers popular, is the quality at an affordable price. 1034D ranks 1st in our list of ‘Top 10 Best Sergers Available In U.S‘, whereas DZ1234 comes 2nd in the list. Being the top ranking sergers, people will always be looking for a comparison to know how they match up against each other. So we decided to compare the two.

Brother 1034D Vs Brother Designio DZ1234

Feature wise there is no difference between these two sergers. Then where does the price difference come from. Yes, DZ1234 costs few dollars more than 1034D. The higher price is because DZ1234 comes with an extra accessory package, which Brother says is worth $75 value. The extra accessory package include

  • Blind Hem Stitch Foot
  • Gathering Foot and Piping Foot
  • 2 sets of starter thread

You will get Blind hem stitch foot and gathering foot along with 1034D as well. So it all comes down to Piping foot and 2 sets of starter thread. If bought separately it would come around half of the price difference between the machines. So Brother’s claim of $75 in value seems to be just over exaggeration. You will be wasting some dollars for nothing, literally. I know how much it takes to make few dollars, so I won’t recommend DZ1234 when compared to 1034D. 1034D is always the way to go. Probably that is the reason why 17 1034D’s are sold by the time when a single DZ1234 is sold. People are smarter than we think, lol.

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