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Confused between sergers with lay-in threading and knob type ? Here is your answer.

Whenever you look for a serger, you will be presented with two versions of threading, one is the lay-in threading and knob type is the other one. You can’t clearly say one is better than the other, unless you have experience using both. Modern serger manufacturers seem to prefer the  lay-in tension type. Most of the recent models come with lay-in threading and they seem to promote this as a premium feature as well. People also seem to prefer lay-in threading sergers. For example, Brother 1034D is the most popular serger in US and it comes with lay-in threading.

Lay-in Tension Vs Knob Tension

Knob tension was the first on the scene. But now lay-in threading sergers seems to have replaced knob type. The best thing about lay-in threading is that it is more reliable than the knob version. The thread seems to fit better and you have good control on the tension. That is the reason why serger manufacturers decided that lay-in tension is the future. There is no doubt that lay-in threading is much easier and worry free than knob type. So my recommendation will be to go for a serger that has lay-in threading. For the best sergers, you can read our list of Top 10 Best Sergers Available In US Under $500

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