Sewing Machine Buying Tips For Beginners

Tips to choose the best sewing machine. There is no straight forward choice, it depends heavily on your requirements.

sewing machine buying tipsIf you are a complete newbie to sewing, you may not have the expertise to choose the best sewing machine. In that case, you will need help because there are hundreds of different sewing machine models out there (lot of crap machines are also there). As a beginner you may not require an all advanced machine, but still you can’t give away with certain features like automatic needle threader, programmable needle up/down etc. The features you need depends upon your intended purpose. If you are a quilter you must need a sewing machine with programmable needle up/down, drop feed lever etc.

If you are buying it as a gift for your kid, then you must ensure that the machine comes with all safety features like the needle guard which protects those little fingers. There is no general set of rules that you can put forward as tips for buying a sewing machine. You just can’t point to a particular model or brand and say that it is the best. It depends on several factors like the price, features and metal used. So to make things easy for you, given below are the list of some of the best sewing machines you can get in US. Each list is based on certain parameters like price, features, purpose etc.

I hope at least one of these lists will help you make a decision.

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