What Is The Best Sewing Machine Brand In USA ? Answered

Answering which one is the best sewing machine brand in USA is not rocket science. But still there are some criteria to keep in mind. Budget plays an important part.

So many people have asked me what is the best sewing machine brand in USA ? The answer needs a bit of explanation. There is nothing like the best sewing machine brand, all are good in their own way. In US, the top brands are Brother, Singer, Bernina, Janome, Viking, Pfaff etc. In addition to these popular brands there are couple of not so popular brands like Juki, Michley etc. You might not have heard much about Juki, but they have presence in over 150 countries across the globe. Michley focuses mainly on sub $50 sewing machines and they are pretty good at it.

What Is The Best Sewing Machine BrandIf you are looking for a beginners sewing machine, the most recommended brands are Brother, Singer and Janome. These brands have good customer support and service across USA. Janome is slightly under par on that aspect but it is still manageable. The answer to the question about the best sewing machine brand strictly depends on the budget range you are looking at. You really can’t point your finger at a particular brand and say that it is the best. It just doesn’t work out that way. Certain brands are very strong in a particular price range and they will have at least 3 or 4 top performing, high quality sewing machines in that price category. To put things in a simpler way, I have created a set of categories based on budget and level of expertise and I will recommend the best brand in that category. All these are my personal opinions, you can decide the one suits you.

Beginners Sewing Machine Under $100

Best brand is brother, all the way. Simply no question about it. In the under $100 category, no other brand offers over 20 built-in stitches, automatic needle threader, drop-in bobbin and one-step buttonhole. Even the quality of some of those machines are right up there with $200 machines. To me, the best sewing machine in this category is the Brother XL2600I. There is another machine called the Brother XM2701, which is an updated version of the XL2600I, but its price isn’t always stable and the machine is not always in stock.

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Beginners Sewing Machine $100 – $200

The best brand will be a combination of Brother and Singer. It is 60% Brother and 40% Singer. Even though this price category is dominated by 2 high quality sewing machines from Brother (Brother XR9500PRW & Brother CS6000i), Singer does hit back with Singer 7258 and Singer 4423. Brother XR9500PRW is the most feature packed sewing machine in this category. The unique feature of Singer 4423 is that it is a heavy-duty model. It is the best heavy-duty sewing machine in this category.

Best Computerized Sewing Machines Under $500

The best brand combination will be 70% Brother, 20% Singer and 10% Janome. The best sewing machine in this category is the Singer 9960 (if you take the price out of the equation). If you are budget conscious, then a Brother machine will be the best option.

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Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Under $400

It will be 60% Janome and 40% Singer. Janome has the best heavy duty sewing machine in this category, the Janome HD3000. The quality of this machine is absolutely stunning. It can sew anything you throw at it. It is that good. If you are looking for a budget heavy duty machine, you can always go with the Singer 4423.

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Best Mechanical Sewing Machine Under $400

Among mechanical sewing machines, Janome has a clear advantage over all other brands. In fact, Janome makes the most durable mechanical sewing machines. The use of plastic is very minimal and they normally use heavy-duty metal wherever possible. In this category, Janome HD3000 is the best I have come across till date.

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Above $500 Sewing Machines

Now if you are going over $1000, the best brands will be Bernina, Pfaff or Viking. Singer and Juki have decent presence in the $500 – $100 category. Singer 9985, Janome MC-6300P and Juki TL-2000Qi are some of the best in the category.

I think, now you have got some idea about the best sewing machine brands in US. Now, you may have noticed that I haven’t talked much about above $1000 sewing machines. It is because I personally did not have much hands-on experience with many over $1000 machines. And I strictly believe that it is not appropriate to comment on things that I really don’t have any expertise on.

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