Singer 44s vs 4423 – Final Verdict

A close comparison between Singer 44s and 4423 reveals that one offers more value for the money spent, when compared to the other.

Singer 44s and 4423 are two budget heavy duty sewing machines available in US. In fact Singer 4423 has been voted as the best heavy duty sewing machine under $200 by Sewing Machine Reviews because of two main reasons, the quality and affordability. If you look at the sales volume, 4423 is way in front of Janome HD3000 (which I believe is the best heavy duty home sewing machine in America). However the heavy investment required by the Janome machine made it less popular when compared to Singer 4423.

Singer 44s Classic is another heavy duty sewing machine that comes in the same price category of Singer 4423. You can’t quite say that both are in same price range as I have always seen Singer 44s to be more expensive than 4423. There has always been a considerable price gap between both the machines. Like 4423, 44s is a great performer and the heavy duty construction makes it a capable sewing machine. So we need to compare 44s and 4423, just to know which one offers more value for the money.

Singer 44s vs 4423 – Features Comparison

The price difference between the two machines is huge to be honest. 44s has always been the expensive one. So 44s has to have some extra features for sure, right? Unfortunately the answer is a big NO. There is absolutely no difference in features between Singer 44s and 4423, except for the machine color. 4423 comes in grey color, whereas 44s comes in a more attractive white color and the difference ends there. Another small difference is the measurement markings that comes on 44s, which is absent on 4423. Other than the color and markings, both machines are essentially the same. So if you are looking for extra features on 44S, you will be disappointed.

Normally when I do a comparison, I would display a table that compares all the features side by side. This time I decided to discard the table as it is pointless displaying the same features twice in different columns.

Singer 44s vs 4423 – Performance Comparison

There is no point in comparing the performance as both machines have the same motor and the same parts. One sure thing is that both are excellent beginners machines.


Go with Singer 4423 and save the money for some extra accessories (as simple as that). The only thing that works in favor of 44s is its attractive color. Honestly, the color doesn’t add any value to a sewing machine (it would have made a difference if it was a car). In my opinion, spending a lot of money for just a different color doesn’t make any sense at all.

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