Toyota FSG325 Review

Toyota FSG325 will be a good choice for those who want to sew thick, multiple layers of fabrics. But the build quality needs a lot of improvement.

Toyota FSG325 Main Features

  • 25 built-in stitches
  • Heavy duty interior
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 1-step buttonhole

Toyota FSG325 Review

toyota fsg325 reviewSewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : MODERATE

Toyota is not a popular sewing machine brand in US. The sewing machine market in US is dominated by big players like Brother, Singer etc. Toyota is trying to make their presence felt with some innovative entry level machines and FSG325 is one of them. The machine has a heavy duty interior (don’t mistake this machine for a 100% heavy duty sewing machine). The machine has 25 built-in stitches including a 1-step buttonhole. Stitch selection is done by turning the dials. An automatic needle threader is provided to save eye strain.

The presser foot pressure on Toyota FSG325 can be adjusted using a dial. Stitch length and width can also be adjusted using a dial. Free arm mode can be used for sewing tubular areas. For free motion sewing, you can drop the feed dogs using a lever. The side loading bobbin is a disadvantage though. For this price, Toyota should have included much more easier top drop-in bobbin. There is a built-in carrying handle for portability. The machine falls in the medium weight category, weighing at 15.1 pounds. The presser feet is easy to change snap-on type.

Toyota FSG325 has a reasonably powerful motor capable of delivering 800 stitches/min (I expected a motor that can deliver at least 850 stitches/min for this price). The machine comes with an included soft cover.


The overall build quality of Toyota FSG325 is not that great. The plastic quality in the exterior is not very impressive. However Toyota has used metal wherever possible. All the metal parts are made of heavy duty material, so there won’t be any durability issue with the interior parts. I am just worried about the exterior. What this machine is famous for, is its capability to handle really thick fabrics like leather and denim. With leather needles, you can sew up to 6 layers of leather without much difficulty (Anything more than that is asking too much out the machine). The stitch quality, even while sewing multiple layers is pretty good. I am really surprised to see how a 800 stitches/min motor can go through this many layers of fabric (very impressive).


There is no top drop-in bobbin, which means you will have to remove the side cover every time you need to change the bobbin.

The quality of plastic used is not that great.


  • Good with multiple layers
  • Powerful motor


  • Build quality
  • No drop-in bobbin

Is It Worth Buying?

I am really happy with the performance of Toyota FSG325, but I am not so confident about the build quality and durability. I would have loved it, if Toyota had priced it better. As of now, this machine creeps into the territory of Janome HD3000, which is the best heavy duty sewing machine in US under $400 price category. Yes, the Toyota machine has 7 extra stitches, but the Janome machine is superior in build quality and performance.

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